Glossary of the Manosphere

As men navigate their way finding their rightful place in life, they need to learn some of the terms regularly used in the Manosphere.

The following list is not exhaustive and will be updated from time-to-time.

If something is missing, feel free to contact me.

All women are like that (AWALT)

The assertion that females are hard-wired to respond to certain situations in a certain way; and more specifically, if given the opportunity, they will tend to behave as manipulative, abusive, sociopathic, destructive, drama-oriented liars …

Alpha Male

A high-status male who gets all the sex he desires, because his controlling and socially-dominant personality is so alluring to females; alternate use of Alpha Male may refer to a male’s tall and muscular body type that females may be irresistibly attracted to. 

Alphas sit at the top of the sexual ladder, shitting down on loser betas and virgin omegas. Alphas are essentially marginally-less-assholish bad boys.

Alpha widow

An alpha widow is every female who has ever dated an alpha in the past, which means that her current beta male lover is merely a placeholder until she can get her next alpha fix. Much like those females riding the cock-carousel, alpha widows aren’t capable of genuine change and vacillate between blind attraction toward and cynical manipulation of their significant others.

Bad boy

A bad boy is an alpha who is an asshole to females, being keyed into the revelation that they will reward him with sex in spite of (or is it because of?) him being an asshole.


The opposite of a Stacy. They are average-looking, insecure women.

Beta Male

A male who is somewhat inept in relationships with females and thus doesn’t get “enough” sex, because he isn’t confident enough to be an alpha or assholish enough to be a bad boy.

Black pill

A series of pessimistic ideas found in the dark corners of the manosphere. It is basically a fatalistic version of the red pill with the ideas of biological determinism and hopelessness at its core. Men taking the Black pill believe that the PUA game is a scam and that bad boys do not attract females; instead, the most important factor is looks and physical traits.

Blue pill

A male who hasn’t woken up to the fact that society discriminates against males, not females; to blue pill is to do the same. The term is a reference to The Matrix, in which taking the blue pill means remaining part of the sheeple by holding conventional views and believing nothing is wrong, while taking the red pill means waking up.

Bunny Boiler

An obsessive and dangerous female, in pursuit of a lover who has spurned her.

The expression derives from the 1987 film Fatal Attraction. The plot centers around Alex Forrest (Glenn Close) obsessively pursuing her ex-lover Dan Gallagher (Michael Douglas). The phrase comes from the plot device whereby Forrest, in a fit of frenzied jealousy, boils her lover’s daughter’s pet rabbit.


Females between the ages of roughly 18 and 30 that have sex with as many alphas as possible, after which they hit the wall, panic, and attempt to marry a beta.


The man, the myth, the legend. Chad is the archetypal alpha bad boy; he and his girlfriend Stacy are perennial objects of discussion in the manosphere.

Creep shaming

Creep shaming occurs when a female rejects and/or comments on a male’s unwanted sexual advances in a way that shames him.


In the literal-sense a cuckold, or cuck, is a beta whose female has been knocked up by an alpha and who is forced to raise the result. These terms have become an all-purpose snarl words to in particular denounce men that allow themselves to be used by females.

Divorce rape

Divorce rape refers to the harm inflicted upon a male after his wife engineers the end their marriage. This term refers primarily to financial harm, such as the divide of marital property, child support, alimony etc.


Someone is Down TFuck when they’re ready and willing to have sex. This one has usage outside of the manosphere.


A term frequently used when disdaining feminism, in phrases such as “if they really believed in equality they would call themselves egalitarian instead of feminist”.

Equality of opportunity

A concept promoted by men’s groups and other rational thinking people that promotes true equality based upon the ability of the individual regardless of gender.

Equality of outcome

A flawed concept promoted by feminists and their pussy-whipped enablers that blindly demands the equality of outcomes. This requires the elevation of females based upon quotas, regulation and force with scant regard of ability.

False rape accusation

Used by women for petty revenge, for money and attention, or to avoid looking like a slut after consensual sex. This is in reality a rare occurrence with an estimate of between 2-5% of rape accusations being false.


A self-explanatory snarl word used by men to describe the extreme and hypocritical views of feminists.


Historical feminism – the old-fashioned kind of feminism which pushed for equality between males and females.

Modern feminism – seems to be entrenched with ugly men hating woman that advocate advancing woman by stripping men of their rights.

Foreign women

Females who come from cultures which are largely untouched by feminism and remain feminine and beautiful. Foreign women are held up as stereo-typical examples of offering old-fashioned traits and values that are often contrasted with less desirable stereo-typical traits of Western women.


One of the ultimate alpha traits; it is a man that radiates confidence and control of his environment. An alpha male “always maintains frame!”


A coded way for a female to tell a male that she doesn’t want to date or have sex with him, whether or not she actually wants to be friends with him.


The art of seduction peddled by pick-up artists (PUA). Game involves manipulatively applying various conversational and often pseudo-psychological “techniques” which are intended to break down the resistance of the target female in order to close the deal (have sex),


To cause (a person) to doubt his or her sanity through the use of psychological manipulation.

In reference to the 1944 movie Gaslight, in which an abusive husband secretly and repeatedly dims and brightens the gaslights in the house while accusing his wife of imagining the flickering lights.

Happy wife, happy life

The Manosphere rightly scoff at the premise that a happy life is dependent upon keeping a wife happy. This grating phrase regularly parroted by effeminate soy-boy cucks sucking up to woman in the hope of gaining their favor and getting into their pants.


HB stands for “Hot Babe”. This may be suffixed by their attractiveness rating, e.g. “HB10.”


The tendency of females to date, have sex with, and/or marry males of a higher socioeconomic status than them. This is also commonly called “gold-digging”.


An involuntary celibate. Incels believe they’re undesirable to women because society has stacked the cards against them. They believe that they are not good looking enough, are too small in stature, and are generally physically weaker than other men.

I’m not like other woman

An often used phrase used by woman to give men false hope in the early stages of a relationship.

Woman that need to utter these words are EXACTLY like other woman: manipulative, abusive, sociopathic, destructive, drama-oriented liars …

Looks ladder

Also known as: Attractiveness rating, X/10 rating (X is a number)

The looks ladder is a measure the objectify a person’s physical attractiveness, with 10/10 meaning very attractive and 1/10 meaning very unattractive.

The resultant number is often used as a noun, sometimes numerator only (e.g. “last night I banged a 7”).


In the manosphere, male and female are often the preferred nomenclature for the sexes, as opposed to “man” and “woman”, because the former terms better capture the sense that we’re animals driven by distinctive gender traits and base instincts.


Any pro-feminist male, that has revoked their status as a “real man”.

Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW)

An anti-feminist, mostly online community advocating for men to separate themselves from a society which they see as harmful to men, and particularly to eschew heterosexual marriage and cohabitation.


A collective of men that celebrate their masculinity and advocate solutions for finding their place in the world. Each grouping has differing viewpoints and often can be derailed by the extremism by some individuals, but there are common rational main-stream threads. Main groups include:

Men’s Rights Movement MRAs, Pick Up Artists PUAs and Men Going their Own Way MGTOWs.


The hatred of women displayed at the extreme corners of the Manospere.

Monkey Branch

The tendency of females to find their next romantic partner (provider of resources) before officially breaking up with their current one (“don’t let go of a branch until you’ve grabbed the next one”).


An dubious “game” technique in which the pick-up artist entices his target by treating her like shit. Because that’s what females want, right?! 

Nice guy

Somebody who is not mean to females, contrasting with bad boys. “I’m a nice guy — how come girls don’t want to sleep with me?” is a familiar lament among frustrated men that often offer token chivalry in the hope of sexual favours.


A derogatory term for a male who has no prospects whatsoever of getting laid. Omegas are below alphas and betas, and every other rung on the sexual hierarchy.


A male who has entered the friendzone but somehow continues to like his female friend despite the fact that they don’t want sex.

Passive Aggressive Behavior

The subtle and toxic behavior of acting indirectly aggressive rather than directly aggressive. And the demonstration of negative feelings, resentment, and aggression in a discreet or “passive” manner that may not be immediately obvious to the other party.

Charactorised by woman not talking openly and honestly about their thoughts or feelings, but rather finding ways to manipulate their partner without saying directly what she wants. It allows her to play to her default victim status and avoid dealing with direct confrontation.


The concept of males that put females on a ‘pedestal” by treating women as their idolised betters. Men that engage in this phenomenon are responsible for validating a woman’s over inflated opinion of her worth, ability and entitlement.

Pick-me dance

A man ingratiating himself by vying for the undeserved attention of his cheating wife/partner.

Pick-up artist (PUA)

A male whose lifestyle is devoted to seducing and having sex with many females via various game strategies.

Plate theory

The concept of dating as many females as possible at the same time (i.e. “keep the plates spinning”) to maximize their chances of success.

Purple pill

A term used in the manosphere to describe individuals who are neutral with regards to the gender wars. The purplepill movement tends to sit on the fence, being neither on the bluepilled side, nor redpilled side.

Rationalisation Hamster

A  mythical creature which is said to live in a woman’s brain, and which feverishly spins the hamster wheel powering her ability to rationalise and justify her thoughts and actions regardless of how wrong-headed they may seem to an outside observer. No amount of logic or reason can stop the hamster from spinning.

Reconciliation Industry

The collective of marriage therapists, for-profit companies lurking in Google and other entrenched psychobabble merchants that peddle the notion that your partner’s indefinitely can be ‘cured’. This industry preys on the shattered minds of the cheater’s partner that is projecting the false hope of reconciliation. The cheater will go through the motions of reconciliation programs in order to deflect guilt.

Red pill

A red pill is a person who has woken up to the fact that society discriminates against men, not women; to red pill is to do the same. The term is a reference to The Matrix in which taking the blue pill means remaining part of the sheeple and thinking nothing is wrong.

Sexual marketplace

The market on which everyone peddles their sexual goods.

Sexual market value

Somebody’s sexual market value refers to their sexual desirability.


An anthropomorphic robot made for people to have sex with.

Many manospherians jest about an oncoming “sexbot revolution,” which will pop the misandry bubble and allowing men to go their own way,

Shit testing

Is the annoying female practice of showing egging on a male to test him by seeing how he reacts.

Silent Treatment

The child-like act of a woman that refuses to engage in rational conversation and ceases all communication with her partner.

Woman have a selfish desire for constant attention and can not stand being ignored. By engaging in the silent treatment woman display their ignorance of men by assuming they share this trait too.


A male who frequently gets casual sex with attractive females.

Social justice warrior

A social justice warrior is anyone who supports feminism. In the manosphere, the term is often used to humiliate the perpetrator.


The unfortunate side effect a man is confronted with when dating after a long-term break-up and dating other woman: Some Other Cunt’s Kids!

Soy Boy (or Soyboi)

Soy (as in the bean) has become an all-encompassing derogatory label to indicate any perceived trait, characteristic or behavior not adequately manly (and right-wing). are s to men those lack of traits.

The soy meme has its roots in the assumption that consuming soy products lowers testosterone.


Is the archetype of a high-value, hypergamous slut and the female counterpart of Chad.


A target is a female whom a pick-up artist has set his sights on.


A unicorn is a perfect, loving, faithful girlfriend or wife (usually attractive and non-“slutty” to boot). Obviously, such women do not exist?


Also known as alimony and/or child support. The consequences of having children while married. Sadly unmarried men can also experience this for 18-long years if they don’t cover up!


Females hit the Wall when they age beyond 30 or so. She is suddenly long past her peak sexual market value. After riding the cock carousel, a level of desperation sets in as she frantically looks to snare a husband.


“Would Bang”.

Western women

Western women are those over-needy females touched by the evil corruption of feminism. They generally have an inflated opinion of themselves, are boorish and lack femininity. Western woman are often compared to mythical “foreign women” that are perceived to “know their place”, beautiful, respectful and feminine.

White knight

A male who defends a female in the hope of getting in her pants. Use of this term intends to degrade the male for ingratiating themselves and mocks the female that chooses not to defend herself.