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The best advice for a single man to manage his money


Money is hard to get and easy to lose.

A single man needs to take control of his environment and in particular his finances. Successful management of money will reduce stress and give more choices in life.

If a man is fresh from a long-term relationship, the nature of his finances has probably changed dramatically. One main difference he may encounter is that after taking care of others, he can finally focus on his own well-being.

Here’s my proven advice for managing money:


Life is tough and for most men work is a necessary evil. If you are in the minority of men that have found a profession that they are passionate about and wake up every morning to eagerly skip to work; you are to be congratulated!

It would be easy to write inspirational words about quitting your job and following your dream of running a multi-million dollar YouTube channel, however we all should be fundamentally aware that the odds of this happening are slim.

Advice on chasing insta-career dreams probably would make more compelling reading, however I want to offer advice that can be achieved by most. I recommend that if you have a dead-end job without any prospects you should immediately set an achievable goal to change your situation. Bottom-line is that you shouldn’t have to settle for a job; you need to find a career that you can advance your prospects by your efforts. Remember that no one owes you anything and improving your job situation takes hard-graft and dedication over time.

Whatever career you choose, you need to adopt a positive can-do attitude, give it your all and make your efforts count.

Supplement your income

Consider ways to top-up your income with home-based sales, online affiliate marketing, AirBnB etc


Minimise your living environment. Accumulation of needless clutter is expensive and soul destroying. Don’t waste money on needless ornaments, duplicate items and general shit you don’t need. Enjoy the luxury of clear space.

Adopt a philosophy of always discarding older items, whenever you purchase something new.

Liquidate unused assets

Sell surplus shit you don’t need and make good use of the cash generated.

Quality over quantity

When purchases are necessary, always make a point of considering quality over quantity. Quality always works out more cost effective in the long run. Surround yourself with a few good quality items that will last the distance and you will appreciate.

Live well, but be frugal

You don’t need to surround yourself with excessive shiny stuff to live a good life.

While a person may fill up their Facebook with a stunning photo montage of their latest exotic holiday, it may be more satisfying and beneficial for you in the long term by having $50,000 sitting in a savings account.

Think before you spend

Control large item purchases based upon your emotion. Think like a man; not a like a woman!

Eliminate short term finance

Paying high interest on credit is crazy and keeps you poor. In fact having any debt (except a mortgage on a house achieving net capital gains) is ridiculous. Set a timetable to eliminate all short-term finance such as hire purchase, personal loans, credit card debt etc and stick with it.

Prioritise paying off debt from the highest to the lowest interest rate you are being charged.

Say NO to pets

Supporting a menagerie of animals is for losers. OK, I’m not completely heartless, I get why people have pets. Your end goal should be no pets. The feeding and medical bills can be ridiculous and it is preferable to have the freedom to leave your house for extended periods, without the expense and hassle of arranging care.


Smoking, vaping and other recreational drugs are also for losers. No exceptions – just quit and make better use of the money you would have wasted.


Booze is another addiction that can be reduced to save money. I don’t advercate abstinence by any means; However if you are downing a few bottles every night as a reward for getting through the day – curb this habit immediately.

Go on a diet?

If you are a big fat bastard you need to immediately reduce your intake and exercise more. Bloating your body by habitually throwing excess food down your throat is needlessly costing you money.

Don’t believe the woke media narrative that says your excess lard will be overlooked because of your impressive qualifications and razer-sharp wit. Throwing excess food down your throat will signal to others that you are lazy and unmotivated with little self-respect – this perception can be difficult to argue against!

Fat men limit their career, are more likely to be depressed and minimise their encounters with hot woman.

Being obese will also reduce your life-span, make you more susceptible to sick-days off work and increase medical costs long-term.

Take control of your weight and enjoy the benefits of increased confidence, happiness and the cash you’ll save.


Take stock of all your insurance policies such as life, medical, car, house, contents etc. By comparing providers, you may find cost savings. Every year you should ensure you’ve got the correct cover and the best deal for your changing circumstances.

Protect your assets NOW from potential divorce

A major part of financial management is keeping what you have.

Being single more than likely means you have your head clear and are thinking rationally. Now is the time to consider safe-guarding yourself from potential Divorce Rape.

Divorce is the top wealth buster a man can face. Planning measures taken years in advance offer the most protection when placed under the legal microscope.

Stock-take all your bank, investment, retirement, insurance records etc and ensure that you have easy access in a digitised format.

Make a record of all your assets and assess replacement value.

See a lawyer to consider using trusts to ring-fence your assets, business and income.

Always keep your bank accounts separate from your partner and never disclose how much you earn.

The best time for a partner to sign a pre-nup is BEFORE you allow her to move in. If you progress the relationship, get her to sign another pre-nup BEFORE marraige.


Take stock of all of your utility costs such as phone, gas, electricity etc. There are always new deals offered by utility companies and it’s easier than ever before to change providers to instantly save costs.

Start a savings plan

When times are tough save, when times are good – save even more.

Fuck you fund

Set up a “fuck you fund”. This will allow you the opportunity to find a rewarding career if you choose to raise your middle finger at your boss and say “fuck you”. This fund should cover your basic living costs for at least 3-months.

An alternative use of this fund is to take time-out to work on yourself, go travelling or cover any unforeseen life events? Whatever the reason, knowing you have choices in life will increase your confidence and give you a more positive outlook.

Minimise subsidising woman

Minimise paying for a woman’s free lunch unless there are immediate tangible benefits for you to do so.

Remember to always think of the opportunity cost BEFORE committing to pay to date a woman. A hooker generally costs $180 and his should be the maximum amount that you should pay-out before you get sex from your date.

It must be remembered that $180 “full-service” sex from a hooker can be considered a premium product. Hookers will generally allow a smorgasbord of options, not complain or annoy you afterwards. Hookers are very good at achieving your satisfaction – they don’t call hookers “professionals” for nothing.

So maybe with this in mind, the $180 date pay-out maximum could be discounted to … $150? If you’re unable to achieve what you want after spending $150 over several dates, then it may be better to cut your losses and call a professional!

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