24 things I wish I knew when I was younger

Tom Leykis is an American shock-jock radio talk-back personality best known for his controversial life advice to men. His go-to topic in his show is; “how men can spend less money on women, while achieving greater sexual and personal success”.

He credits his defining moment to seriously pursue a career in radio to an incident that occurred in the early 1980s, in which his then-girlfriend locked him out of their residence because she believed he didn’t earn enough money; he has since stated that this was one of the most important events of his life.

Tom Leykis has spent a few decades carving out his own niche within the Manosphere. Many of his pearls of wisdom are worth sharing …

Here are 24 of my favorites:

Never date single mothers

Too much of a risk. She already made one mistake and some guy is paying out his asshole for the next 18 years of his life. Probably paying vaginamony. Also the kid will always remain #1 in the relationship. You will always take the backseat.

Although single mothers may seem to be “easy,” you don’t want to deal with this baggage if all you want to do is bang. There are plenty of chicks out there without children.

Never spend more than $40 on a date

If possible, let her pay for everything. There is no reason you should feel obligated to pay for anything. However, there is nothing wrong with splitting things 50/50. If you can get away without paying a dime…great. More tail for less money bottom line.

If she doesn’t bang you by the third date, dump that bitch

Girls know within the first 5 minutes how far they will go with you, and will probably do so at the earliest possible time. If you’ve been crossed off the “I’ll sleep with him” list, it’s very very difficult, and time consuming to get back on it.

Chances are she has no intention of EVER screwing you. Why should you invest your time when all she just wants to do is string you along. You would be wasting time and money so move on.

TAG!! you’re it. For the next 18 years

Why? Child support and she’s set with your money. Especially if you are rich.

Remember to cover up and ensure the contents of your condom are disposed of to avoid any chance of females sneakily impregnating themselves with the intent to exploit you.

No means no

Regardless of the situation, when a woman says NO, stop whatever you are doing or about to do and get out. Even if you are in the middle hot steamy sex and she says No, you stop what you’re doing and get out.

* No does not mean she is playing.
* No does not mean just this one time.
* No does not mean she consents to sex.

Laws mostly favor woman and will very rarely will it protect a man’s right. Men do not have the same luxury as innocent until proven guilty. Men are tried, labeled, and accused with little discretion.

If a woman cries out rape you will not past GO, you will not collect $200.00, but you will go directly to jail. It is not worth spending the next 10 years in jail and living the rest of your life as a sex offender.

No spooning, cuddling, hugging, or staying over

Get in and get out. (No pun intended). If all you wanna do is bang, this can send them the wrong message that you want more.

Never get involved with a co-worker unless you don’t mind losing your job over it.

In today’s world, a man can be burned with sexual harassment very easily. Limit your conversations with female co-workers to the following:
A) Hello
B) How are you (that’s optional)
C) Goodbye

Women like men who are assholes.

If a woman sees that you are a pussy, she will walk all over you. If they think that you are a busy guy and hard to get a hold of, the more they will want in your pants.

Weekend Dates

Do you want to look like a loser who has nothing better to do on weekends than wait for her to call? You should not answer calls from potential booty calls Thursday-Sunday, unless it is guaranteed poon.

* You have to make the girl believe that she has competition.
* That your time is valuable.
* That you have better things to do on weekends than spend time with her.
* You are a person in demand, even though you may be at home watching T.V.

She’ll may be thinking: Are you with another girl? Are you in the bars? Attending important meeting? Keep her guessing. It will intrigue her.

Humans generally want what they can’t have. If you make her believe she can’t have you, she’ll be that much easier to bag when you “let her in.” Even if you have nothing to do, let her leave a voice mail. You’re busy (banging other chicks, for all she knows).

If you do call never leave a voicemail

If you do break this rule then One is the limit. she’ll be wondering what you wanted and if you made other plans.

Remember, you’re a person that is always in demand!

If a female answers a cell-phone call in the middle of dinner,

Immediately get up and leave.

* It is possible that the caller is another man who she is going to have sex with when she finishes her date.
* If the caller is one of her children, the man is already violating Leykis’ ‘no-single-mothers’ rule.
* If the call is work related, and is deemed more important than the man now, it will always be more important.
* If the caller is a friend, Leykis claims, the woman is “most certainly lying because all her friends know she’s out.”

If a woman deems her male date unimportant enough that she feels comfortable answering her cell phone during the date, she is not sufficiently interested in having sex with the man. This really applies to two people that don’t know each other or have never had sex with each other before.

Your income generally determines the type of woman you will get

It’s not often that you see a really rich guy with a really ugly girl on his arm. But you quite often see really amazing girls on the arm of homely but rich guys. Look at rock stars — some of the ugliest guys on earth, but they get laid more than you can ever hope to. Money and power will attract women just as much as a 12″ penis.

Work hard on your career. Strive high. Don’t settle. Stay hungry. Girls upgrade all the time to a richer man and guys do it to with hotter and younger girls.

  • The more money a man makes, the more attractive he is to females.
  • “Young and hot girls” are a natural substitute for Viagra and Cialis.
  • Until a student’s career is established, he should not have girlfriends.

The “looks/self-esteem ratio”

The number at the top of the ratio is a 1-10 rating on her looks…you want this to be as high as possible. The number at the bottom of the ratio her self-esteem…you want this to be as low as possible. (i.e. a 9/4 is a nice catch. 5/10 ratio would translate to TMW or Too Much Work) Also if the self-esteem digit is too low, it could lead to problems such as a “lick-it-around-the-edge” type of chick.

Never buy a chick flowers, candies, teddy bears, etc.

It is a waste of money. Buying a chick gifts with the intent on getting in her panties is usually a waste. There is no guarantee you’ll get some just because you bought her gifts. . A woman decides within the first 5 minutes of meeting you whether or not she wants to have sex with you and no amount of limo rides, expensive gifts, or fine dining is going to change her mind.

Men and women can’t be friends.

For a woman, a guy friend is just a guy waiting for a chance to get in her pants. They are thinking about it all the time. These are usually the same guys who will wait for any sort of breakdown between you and the chick. Then they will swoop in. If you plan on having any sort of relationship with a certain chick, do not allow guy friends. By the way, never be a guy friend.

Women like to keep guys on the back-burner.

Most like to keep their options open…always having someone available on the side. Don’t let this be you. You will find it very hard to get out of.

Men don’t like to dance

Men will dance to get laid. Women dance to get men and attention. If you are an exeption, you are probably gay.

Women by nature are attention whores.


Chicks like to travel in packs.

This allows the hot one a means to escape. Usually it’s the ugly one in the group that will ruin your chance of separating one of them from the group. Your chances of getting laid are better when you split them up.

Fat chicks give good BJs

Fat chicks love to eat.

If you’re under 25, you should not have a girlfriend.

You should be having fun and sleeping with as many people as possible. Some men do mature at different rates. If you’re ready for marriage or kids, go for it. Just remember that over 50% of marriages fail. You had better be damn sure of it, or you will be paying for it the rest of your life. Marriages where both parties are older than 25 have a much, much higher success rate.

Children raised in solid households are much less likely to be social delinquents.

Never get married until you are a minimum 25, recommended 30.

The three-ways, the one-night-stands, the fetish girls, the fantasies. Wait until you’re in the 30’s before you marry. You should have a well-established career by then, you’ll be better prepared to afford a wife and kids. Hopefully within a steady well balanced home environment. Remember, once kids are involved there is no such thing as separation. She will always have some input into your life.

Never carry or hold a chicks purse.

They are Shit Testing you. Don’t do it, bottom line.

Buying Drinks helps.

Women like to have the booze factor. A little yagermeister works wonders. Also when a guy buys a chick a drink, it means he either:
A) he wants to see her naked
B) he wants to bang her
C) both.

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