What is the real value of a man over 40 and single?

Most men seem to undervalue their worth. Many men allow themselves to believe the myth that they are responsible for the happiness of others and feel the guilt society places on their shoulders.

If you are over 40 and single you may be struggling with the realisation that you’ve probably wasted a lot of time and resources on woman for no result.

Men can spend too much time living in the past daydreaming about going back in time to their youth armed with the knowledge they now have. Most men have fantasised about exploiting all those beautiful young woman back in the day that did not seem to notice their young youthful selves full of hope, energy …. and adorned with luxurious hair!

Most men waste their 20s thinking that their 20s are their best years. Nothing could be further from the truth. Your 20s are only preparation. If you make up your mind and adjust your attitude, you will live a great life after 40.

When men look back in time to their youth, they tend to do so with rose tinted glasses. In truth these were not glory days for most men – it was an awkward and harrowing time as they tried to haphazardly figure out their place in the world. Very likely men prostituted themselves in order to gain favor with girls about their age with mixed success.

Men in their youth had low value compared to attractive young girls . As men age and keep on accumulating resources and experience, their value goes up. After men pass the age of 30, the tables start to turn as woman hit the wall. The value of the females their age starts to nosedive and men’s value goes up proportionately to the resources and experience accumulated.

Have you seen what became of those hot young woman you used to lust after in your youth. Those woman are now in their 30s, 40s or older …. they are washed up, unattractive, tattooed and obese. Their glory days are well and truly behind them. Back in their heyday, they got all the attention riding the “cock-carousel”. They meant nothing more than a pump and dump for the select few bad boys, but at least they had their youth and attractiveness. Now the men they desire don’t even consider them for a pump and dump. They were once the center of attention but now are suddenly invisible to eligible men.

While men pine for what they perceive to have lost, they often forget what they have. Being a man over 40 and single should be a recipe for the BEST time of their lives! It is a time when men should have reached their peak-self and are the most attractive to available hot younger woman!

Most men that are over 40 and single don’t appreciate their appeal. They don’t realise they have finally reached their peak value. The biggest mistake they can make is to underestimate their value and sell themselves short by settling for an ugly woman.

You have bided your time and have endured the hard yards, now is your time!

But remember:

Nobody is going to hand you the life you want.

It’s up to you to invest the time in yourself and exploit your peak value.

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