Woman shun marriage due to shortage of “economically attractive” men

So marriage rates in the US are at a 150-year low and apparently it is not the men shying away from commitment?

Forget about the romantic notion that woman are looking for true love.

A Cornell University study has blamed declining marriage on the shortage of “economically attractive men”. What does this mean? This is a rather pithy attempt to sugar coat what must not be spoken of in polite society – What woman are really looking for in marriage is the ability for men to provide resources.

According to the study, “economically attractive men” are defined as a man without a Bachelor’s degree (low odds for the prospect of providing woman resources) OR earning less than USD$40, 000 PA (inability to immediately provide woman resources).

This seems to ring true in our article on: What do woman find attractive in a man?

So if the spoiled little princesses don’t get what they want, then according to the study they are bowing out of marriage. I guess this will suit a lot of men just fine!

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