Everything a man needs to know about woman – The universal hot/crazy matrix

As men we love to analyse and break down a problem in order to come up with a solution.

After years of extensive research, the Universal Hot/Crazy Matrix has been devised to help men categorise woman in order to save a lot of time and angst.

This groundbreaking research has managed to divide woman into seven neatly formed zones:

  1. The No Go Zone (for women who are unattractive and crazy)
  2. The Danger Zone (for women who are attractive, but crazy)
  3. The Fun Zone (for women who are fairly attractive but not very crazy)
  4. The Date Zone (for attractive women who are kinda crazy)
  5. The Wife Zone (for women who are very attractive but only a little crazy)
  6. The Unicorn Zone (a place where mythical creatures dwell: ie attractive women who are barely crazy).
  7. Then, finally, there is the “Tranny Zone,” for attractive women who aren’t crazy at all. Because we all know that if you’re talking to a hot lady who’s not a psychopath, she’s probably a dude who’s all pumped up on estrogen injections.

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