Predictable patterns of wives that sabotage their marriage with affairs

We have written an article about the unspoken epidemic of the cheating wife.

We can only suppose the reasons why woman are increasingly cheating on their unsuspecting husbands ..?

Is it because of woman’s increased financial security? Maybe it is a backlash against the alleged infidelities and bad behavior of men in the past? Could it be a response to a victim-mentality projected on woman and advanced by the mainstream media, feminists and their effeminate male supporters?

Maybe it is because society is becoming more relaxed about divorce that does not have the stigma of the past?

There is a flawed popular belief that if a marriage fails it is the man’s fault as he was unable to keep his wife happy. While society is generally more relaxed about divorce, woman have the extra advantage of being blameless for a failed marriage. Even if she engineered it to fail!

Men are not blameless, as they are part of the problem by allowing a woman’s unrealistic expectations of marriage to blossom. When it is becomes evident that the woman’s expectations are impossible to provide for, many woman will have no qualms about seeking unicorn men elsewhere.

Men also allow woman to overstate their contribution and worth. Relationships have become a platform where men are expected to provide a life-time of resources to a woman for diminishing benefits of return. In spite of this, men continue to happily ingratiate themselves to become a slave and a Manipulated Man. He chooses to ignore that woman will quickly look for other benefactors the instant her marriage is not returning what she thinks she is worth.

Whatever the reason, woman are saying #metoo when it comes to cheating and are happy to risk their marriage more than ever!

In most circumstances a woman’s infidelity comes as a complete surprise to the hapless husband. Woman are notorious for not telling the truth and are masters of deception.

Woman have more incentive to conceal infidelity as she does not want to risk her marriage and be left alone without a man to provide her resources. While having an affair her mind will be clouded from the intoxicating chemicals of a new relationship; however she will only engineer a separation from her husband once she is able to secure an agreement from her lover to exclusively provide her resources.

For men that are distracted by the day-to-day grind of providing resources for their family, it is important to read the signs and be aware of the predictable pattern that woman follow in relationships they choose to sabotage:

  • They push men for commitment
  • They get what they want
  • They lose interest in sex
  • They become attracted to someone else
  • They start cheating (emotionally and/or physically)
  • They become angry and resentful
  • They divert blame to their husband by intensifying passive-aggressive behavior
  • They play mental games on their husband by diversion tactics and gaslighting
  • They begin telling their husband they need time apart
  • They initiate a cycle of reconciliation/break-up as they determine if their lover or husband can return to them the most benefits.
  • After several failed attempts to give up their affairs, they end their marriage when they establish commitment from the lover to provide resources.

It is increasingly woman that are leaving a trail of destruction by sabotaging their marriages. It is worth noting that American woman are initiating 70 – 75% of all divorces

Most men never suspect their wife is cheating. Married, men tut-tut at ‘other’ woman’s behavior and kid themselves that their wife is a “good girl.” Unfortunately, men are frequently left/divorced by their wives without ever knowing about their wives’ affairs and infidelities.

Women’s relationships and marriages have been following the same pattern for a long time, and they will continue to follow this pattern unless men develop an accurate understanding of females – particularly in regard to their sexuality. It is challenging to discover that our societal beliefs about woman are grossly distorted and some are based on mistaken conventional knowledge.

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