Coping with woman’s passive-aggressive behavior

Men that have endured living with a woman for any reasonable length of time will have encountered irrational bouts of passive-aggressive behavior.

Effeminate men may use passive-aggressive behavior from time-to-time; however this is predominantly in the armory of woman that regularly deploy this in a surprise attack upon an unsuspecting male.

Passive-aggressive behavior can be best described as the subtle and toxic behavior of acting indirectly aggressive rather than directly aggressive. And the demonstration of negative feelings, resentment, and aggression in a discreet or “passive” manner that may not be immediately obvious to the other party.

Passive-aggressive behavior is charactorised by woman not talking openly and honestly about their thoughts or feelings, but rather finding ways to manipulate their partner without saying directly what she wants. It allows her to play to her default victim status and avoid dealing with direct confrontation.

This childish and manipulative female behavior is generally delivered in three stages”

  1. A volley of random undefinable comments or actions subtly displaying disagreement or displeasure.
  2. Any combination of: procrastination, sullenness, stubbornness, bitchiness, crying, withholding sex and/or resistance to any attempts of rational conversation.
  3. After inflicting maximum mental-torture, she will engage the nuclear option of ‘the silent treatment’.

The silent treatment is sheer projection on the part of women. Woman have a selfish desire for constant attention and can not stand being ignored. Woman display their ignorance of men by assuming they share this trait too. (Smart men probably let them believe this is true!)

In fact, men enjoy the silent-treatment. There is nothing more we desire than to distance ourselves from irrational chatter and bitchiness. When living with a woman, she brings chaos and constant background noise. Because of this, men often crave order and silence.

Experienced men know that there is nothing they can do to immediately fix the annoying problem of a spoilt and sullen child having a tantrum. If a woman is in full-retard mode it is important for a man not to engage and maintain his frame. Do not get sucked into her toxic mind-games. Ignore, walk away and enjoy the silence.

If this is a recurring pattern, what can a man do about it?

Her Passive-aggressive behavior is caused by emotions and you need to identify what is driving this. If this is a result of a past indiscretion by you – own your part. Stand up by telling her how you are affected. Do not attack or judge, just tell her what you are experiencing.

It may be risky, but in some circumstances use your confidence and game. Tease her using your charm, wit and humor.

Maintain your frame and control your responses. Do not “feed the beast” and do not cave in and fall back on automatic responses.

Set boundaries and consequences. If her aggressive behavior continues to affect you in a negative way, set clear boundaries around yourself. Define rules for what you will and won’t accept.

Stay strong and focused and get on with your life.


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