Men that fall for an ugly woman

All single men aged above 40 have at least one thing in common – almost without exception they have failed at marriage.

Soon after a break-up, men tend to seek vindication to cure a bruised ego. In their haste for comfort, they will often fall for an ugly woman.

After a broken marriage it is usually the man that takes the longest to recover. Men pride themselves in their ability to “fix things” and they take it to heart when they perceive they had failed to fix their marriage. It is the man that endures the mental torture from his spouse commencing many years before the separation. By the time the dust is finally settling on his failed relationship, his ego is crushed, he is depressed and often at the lowest ebb of his life.

It is society that places the responsibility squarely on the shoulders of men to hold the marriage together. There is a flawed popular belief that if a marriage fails, it is the man’s fault as he was unable to keep his wife happy. By using rational thought a man should easily debunk this myth, however many men buy-into this doctrine and needlessly beat themselves up.

A man will often define himself by his marriage. He will take enormous pride in his ability to unselfishly navigate life’s challenges for his family while providing the bulk of the resources. It is more often the man that takes the responsibility of a failed marriage while the woman adopts a victim mentality. Interestingly, this remains true even if the woman sabotages the marriage by having an affair!

While women have many friendships which together act like an extensive emotional support network, a man’s friendships are more limited and he will find himself isolated unable to reach-out.

Once a divorced man first finds himself single, he is the most vulnerable as his natural ability to think rationally temporarily deserts him. Rational thought is one of a man’s super powers and after losing this ability he is left to project what he wants to believe. He is mentally burnt-out, his confidence is low … and he is horny as hell! This is the time a man should take stock and work on improving himself; however his head is inevitably turned … by an ugly woman!

The ugly woman will be close to the man’s age. Time will not have been kind with her facial features. Her obesity will be cunningly disguised by fashion-devoid shapeless clothing. She will wear sunglasses on her forehead, smoke, have at least one tattoo and overcompensate for her lack of intelligence by idol chatter. Her favorite topics of conversation in order of preference are: Herself, her workmates’ inability to be as good as she is, her hapless children … and herself!

Her general knowledge is restricted to: Horoscopes, what I’d do if I won Lotto and chick-flick story-lines on Netflix recited verbatim.

Fresh to the dating market, the over 40 single man will be craving female attention. He will not be thinking straight – the technical term for his state of mind is, being ‘fucked in the head.’

The man will not notice the ugly woman’s obvious flaws; but will be intoxicated by her apparent kindness and affection towards him. After years of mind-games and bitterness within a marriage, he is enjoying letting his guard down and having his ego massaged by this ‘new’ woman.

And then there’s the sex! The ugly woman will thankfully insist that the lights are dimmed, but her performance and enthusiasm are outstanding.

The man will not believe his luck meeting such a wonderful woman so soon after his marriage ended. In her own words “I’m not like other woman”, and you believe her!

Luckily for many over 40 single men, it will dawn on them before it is too late that there is no future dating an ugly woman.

Returning to the dating scene is not an exact science, but many over 40 single men make the mistake of getting back in the game too early. Men need to spend time to lick their wounds and regain perspective by improving themselves.

Only then can they enter the game with confidence and bang those younger, prettier woman they deserve!

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