Happy wife, happy life?

‘Happy wife, happy life’ is one of the more grating phrases regularly parroted by effeminate soy-boy cucks sucking up to woman in the hope of gaining their favor and getting into their pants.

Masculine men rightly scoff at the premise that a happy life is dependent upon keeping a wife happy. This seemingly innocuous phrase needs to be stamped out and it is up to us men to call-out and school our ignorant brothers to never use this again.

Even man-hating feminists blindly nod in agreement when an effeminate modern man utters ‘Happy wife, happy life’. This is somewhat ironic as woman that support this doctrine seem to promote the notion that it is up to men to keep them happy otherwise they will cause merry-hell within the marriage. Why would a woman want to be seen promoting their own weakness and infantile behavior?

Now that I have chosen the Red Pill, there is no way in hell that I will ever be subservient to an irrational princess that offers nothing while demanding cash and prizes in order to be kept happy – and you should’t either.


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