What do woman find attractive in a man?

What are woman’s preferences when choosing a mate?

Sorry men, unfortunately there is no simple answer. Even if you were to pinpoint exactly what a woman finds attractive at a moment of time, she would change her mind.

This makes it extremely difficult for men when seeking a relationship … or even casual sex.

Men only go through few hormonal changes during their lifetime, but a woman’s hormonal shifts and changes are much more frequent and severe. Men struggle to appreciate the severity of a woman’s monthly hormonal shifts and the resulting changes in behaviour.

A woman’s wants and priorities change constantly during her lifetime and even daily according to her monthly cycle.

Although a woman is wired to verbalise more than men, she will never clearly articulate what she wants. It is expected that a man should just know.

To complicate things further, society influenced by feminism tends to mask many of woman’s fundamental wants and desires that are considered unflattering – it is no wonder men are confused!

There is some good news for men that are trying to attract woman and unlock the mysteries of what she finds attractive. Numerous studies that have cracked the code and found that there are universal preferences most woman desire when it comes to choosing a man above others

So, what do woman find attractive in a man?

  • Symmetry This trait is desirable by men as well. Symmetrical facial features are especially pleasing.
  • Generously Men that regularly and freely gift her his resources are particularly desirable.
  • Trustworthy A man must be committed to her and only her.
  • About 3 years older Seniority can provide many advantages. Life-experience can enhance a man’s ability to lead and navigate in life. An older man is more than likely grown out of the man-child stage of his life and on the road to generating resources.
  • 4 inches taller A masculine feature that relates to her desire to be physically protected.
  • High status A reinforcement of a man’s intelligence and ability to generate resources for her.
  • An investment in her and her offspring The willingness of a man to provide resources for her and her children
  • Security The man’s ability to satisfy her desire to feel safe, protected and avoid undesirable confrontation in life.
  • Resources or the potential for resources A man’s current and future ability to generate assets and income.

Interestingly, this shopping list of universal preferences that most woman desire in men applies to woman that are completely financially secure. This has particular interest to mid-life men that may be negotiating the market of a second-time relationship with woman that enjoy the security of resources from her previous relationships.

Executive Summary

Apparently woman find symmetry attractive.

They like their men older, taller and able to offer security.

However, the attribute that woman find most attractive in a man is his ability to regularly gift her resources and that gentlemen simply means she craves cash and prizes!

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