Newsflash – That woman is EXACTLY like the others!

Society gives us mixed messages when it comes to differences between men and woman.

The most common narrative promoted by the Feminazi movement (including soy saturated males) is that men and woman are exactly the same – any perceived differences are explained away by the deluded notion of patriarchy.

From time to time the Mainstream Media can give the illusion there are distinct differences between the sexes…. Let me paraphrase: Woman: Good, Men: Bad. The rationale for this is often attributed to the sentence above.

In moments of madness, men often ignore life-time experience and are lured into believing woman are the same as men – clearly that ain’t so! Woman are very different from men!

Sadly, even the aged 40 plus single man can be taken in by this false premise. While negotiating the minefield of the mid-life dating scene, men will inevitably hear the well worn phrase:

“I’m not like other woman”

We all so want to believe this after enduring many years married to an irrational she-devil.

If you hear this phrase, do not be taken in with the promise of a rational companion that suppresses idol chatter and drama – She IS exactly like the others!

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