Mongering report in provincial NZ

Sometimes men just want to quickly satisfy an urge and get the job done without undue engagement and fanfare.

I was having a leisurely break in a small provincial town enjoying a well earned respite from my day-job. I was alone daydreaming with time on my hands and one thing lead to another. Of course it was inevitable I was going to think about sex.

Instinctively I reached for my phone and taped on the familiar bookmark for the go-to escort website, New Zealand Girls.

From the two options available, it was immediately obvious the choice I was going to make between the offerings of a Kiwi skank adorned with tacky tattoos or a pert young Asian.

‘Koko’ seemed to be typical of a travelling Asian escort and was described as a 24 year old Japanese girl:

“I have a pretty face, sexy hair, dark brown bedroom eyes and busty C cup breasts. I am a gorgeous outgoing and attractive adult with curvy body and I know how to use it! With my great sense of humour we will have a very relaxed time together.”

Blah blah … yeah sure; your sense of humour is really important to me.

A tap of the advertised mobile number on her New Zealand Girls profile instantly got me through to ‘Koko’ and soon I was driving towards a rundown motel as directed. This has to be the least unsavoury aspects of mongering in NZ. The nature of engaging escorts as a regular hobby is to endure the necessity of visiting crappy motels.

After arriving at the motel and navigating past gormless WINZ leeches smoking outside their taxpayer funded abode, I knocked on Koko’s motel unit door and was warmly greeted. Koko stood before me dressed in a schoolgirl outfit and as an added bonus appeared to loosely resemble her profile pictures … so far so good!

After completing the paperwork ($NZD180.00 for 1 hour) I quickly disrobed and 10-minutes after my impromptu phone call to make the booking, a gorgeous Asian woman was grappling with my engorged cock.

Koko’s service was fairly typical of her ilk, performed in a very staged and professional manner. You get the feeling that her performance would be exactly the same with every punter. The gold standard GFE (Girlfriend Experience) this was not. Over-thinking this too much would definitely put you off your stroke. To truly enjoy this type of experience, a man needs to switch off, lay back and delve into the realms of a fantasy mindset where this lusty young morsel only has eyes for you and is gagging for your attention.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, sometimes as a man we want to get the job done and a travelling Asian escort is the perfect fit.

Easier and less time consuming than ordering a pizza!

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